We are excited to introduce our updated Contractor Partnership Program for Cabins and Flooring. This program is designed to build a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between our company and local contractors. By joining the program, contractors will have the opportunity to earn a commission for referring customers to us who purchase our products at the retail price.

Program Overview

The Contractor Partnership Program is a referral-based commission program. Contractors who participate in the program will receive a 3% commission on the gross sale of any cabin or flooring products purchased by customers they refer to us. The commission will be paid only if the customer purchases the product at the retail price without any discounts.

Program Benefits

1. Financial Incentives: Earn a 3% commission on the gross sale of flooring products for each customer you refer who makes a qualifying first-time purchase.

2. Enhance your offerings: By partnering with us, you can extend your service offerings to your clients, providing them with high-quality cabins and flooring solutions.

3. Grow your business: Increase your revenue by leveraging our top-quality products and excellent customer service to boost your client base.

4. Marketing support: Gain access to our marketing materials, which can be co-branded to promote your business alongside ours.

5. Reward Points System: Track your referred customers’ purchases and accumulate points that can lead to an all-inclusive trip to Mexico.

Commission Details

Contractors will only receive a commission for the first transaction of each referred customer. If a referred customer returns on their own accord for subsequent purchases, no additional commission will be earned unless the contractor is directly involved in the new transaction.

Reward Points System

In addition to the commission, contractors will also be enrolled in our Reward Points System. All sales made by referred customers, including those not eligible for commission, will be tracked and contribute to the contractor’s reward points. Once a contractor accumulates over $100,000 worth of sales from referred customers within a year, they will be eligible for an all-inclusive trip to Mexico as a reward for their partnership and efforts. If the amount is not reached within the year, the total will reset on December 31st of each year.

How to Join

Sign up: Fill out the Contractor Partnership Program application form, providing your business details and contact information. We will review your application and notify you once you have been approved as a partner.

Receive a unique referral code: Once approved, you will receive a unique referral code that can be shared with your customers. This code will ensure that you receive proper credit for any qualifying purchases made by customers you refer.

Promote our products: Share information about our cabins and flooring products with your clients, and encourage them to make a purchase using your unique referral code.

Track your commissions and reward points: We will provide you with a dedicated online portal to track your referrals, commission earnings, and reward points.

Payment Terms

Commissions will be paid on a weekly basis. Payments will be made via direct deposit or check, based on your preference. A valid tax ID number is required for payment processing.


The commission is only applicable for customers who purchase cabin and flooring products at the retail price without any discounts.

Contractors must have a valid business license and be in good standing with local regulatory agencies.

The Contractor Partnership Program is subject to our company’s terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time.

We reserve the right to terminate the partnership at any time, with or without cause, upon written notice to the contractor.

We look forward to building a successful and profitable partnership with you. Together, we can grow our businesses and provide top-quality cabin and flooring solutions to our clients, while enjoying exclusive rewards and benefits through our Contractor Partnership Program.